URBAN GREEN : On Photo Safari through Cities


Collecting ideas for greening the city in Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and elsewhere...


Vienna, greening a narrow public passage through a block in de innercity 7.district      [© photos: Helga Fassbinder]

Vienna, courtyard in the innercity 1.district    [© photo Helga Fassbinder]

Paris, 5. arrondissement, really small pocket park in front of a church - you can walk through the plants on the wooden grid    [© photo: Helga Fassbinder ]

Vienna, a baroque house at Schönbrunn, abviously greened since centuries and well maintained      [© photos: Helga Fassbinder]

Amsterdam, little garden at the foot of a tree [© photo Helga Fassbinder]

Amsterdam, Jordaan [@ photo Anneloes Groot]

Mannheim, open public parking garage in the center of the City  [© photo Anneloes Groot]

Berlin Charlottenburg, starting green cover on a ugly firewall    [© photo Helga Fassbinder]

Berlin, courtyard in a densly with 6 story-high built district     [photo and garden: architect Lebalto]

Amsterdam, wild green in the city center [© photo Helga Fassbinder]

[© Photo Helga Fassbinder]

[© Photo Helga Fassbinder]