'Urban green-blue grids for sustainable and dynamic cities' is a visionary, practical and inspiring book for education and practice. Useful for developers, urban planners, landscape architects, ecologists, civil engineers and all those interested in making cities more sustainable and liveable.

Half of the earths’ inhabitants live in cities, and urbanisation is only increasing. The quality of our future thus depends on the quality of our cities. Our challenge is to keep our cities and our planet liveable, safe, healthy and attractive throughout this century. Due to climate change, increasing urbanisation and the depletion of fossil fuels, cities will need to undergo a more or less gradual transition from being primarily consumers of food toward producing their own.

One attractive and efficient way to guide this necessary transformation is by developing green-blue urban grids that will mitigate the effects of climate change and the energy and food shortages in urban areas. Our cities need to become more resilient to be able to tackle these challenges, as a lack of resilience will not only lead to a deficiency in technical infrastructural functioning but will also have consequences for a city’s social and economic well-being.
Furthermore, green-blue urban planning will offer more room for the development of biodiversity and a healthier, more attractive living environment. This book shows the principles of sustainable urban planning and many substantial measures. About forty realized and international example projects in green-blue and sustainable urban planning demonstrate the feasibility of the principles and measures.

The authors Hiltrud Pötz and Pierre Bleuze from opMAAT are architects, city planners and researcher. Since 1990 they are involved in sustainability of the urban environment collaborating on many sustainable pilots and projects. Writing this book they had in mind a guide for anyone involved in the design and layout of the urban environment. They passed this aim with flying colours ! The book is not just for professionals but also for individuals a toolbox, inspiration and reference work. 


600 pages, 700 full-color images,  € 35,-
Languages: English and Dutch.
ISBN 978 90 818804 04
For sale through bookstores or can be ordered at boek@opmaat.info