EDEN BIO PARIS, by Edouard François, planing and results a few years after

A few years ago the French architect Edouard François (well know by his Flower Tower) created a plan for a small innercity area in Paris, a discrict of former wineyards. He decided to a refence to this history with buildings-in-green, but nevertheless of high density. An encouraged concept. The city of Paris decided to another encouraged act: this small area should become complex of social housing, although the very expensive building ground in this district of Paris.

In the first place this seemed not particularily attractive. Look at the maquette and the first photos taken directly after finishing the building process.



But now, a few years later it is a florishing assemble of houses, and indeed, the residents are low income people of te most different ethnicities - typically Parisian you would say...



The green is not covering the walls directly but is climbing along a free wooden construction, giving shadow in the rather hot parisian summers and being without loaf in the winter, not hindering dayligt.