When we think about the image of a tree we imagine a trunk, branches and leaves. It doesn’t often go much further then that. The image we have doesn’t include the birds that might be nesting in the tree or the moths hugging the bark in a simple composition of camouflage. We can’t seem to conjure up the image of the exhalation of a tree and the idea of that very exhalation is our very inhalation and vice-versa. This happens to be the case for every living being. Our, and here I mean all living beings, exhalations and inhalations are the intertwined weft and warp of life itself.

  Trees are artists in a variety of ways, namely through the shade they offer freely with their branches dressed in leaves, through the oxygen they give us and all living beings, their sequestration of carbon, the art of normalizing climatic patterns and so much more. Trees are also artists in their own right, sculptors twisting and turning roots, branches and trunks into a mosaic of enterprising dynamism. This is what I was looking for and found when I saw the art of the trees. The images below convey that sight; the seeing as it were, when looking at the “finer print” of trees. From that vantage point the title of the series blossomed into “Artistrees.”