NOVARTIS CAMPUS – Landscape transformation onto the new City of Knowledge in Basel

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The greening of roofs offers the planned transformation of landscape- and natural qualities into architecture and urban planning. An applied example of this is the green roof on the Forum-3 Building of the Diener Architecture Office, located on the new Novartis campus in Basel. Scientific studies by the Geographic Institute of the University of Basel represented the starting point of the habitat concept, which could verify the continuous colonization of greened roof surfaces by rare and endangered plant and animal species. Adequate planning and design of the green roof proved to be a key factor for the development of the near-natural habitat replacement for local flora and fauna.

The established guidelines for building specifications in Basel served as corresponding guidelines for the use of substrates and installation configuration of green roofs. The basis thereunto was furnished by the Construction- and Planning laws, as well as Nature- and Landscape Conservation Laws of the Canton Basel Stadt, by which new buildings with flat roofs must be greened with local soils. The concept for the greening of the Forum-3 Building was derived from studies on test green roofs like the Rossetti-Bau and the Peter Merian-Haus in Basel. There, various soil types were studied for their suitability as green roof substrates with respect to their vegetation development and colonization by spiders and beetles. For the green roof of the Forum-3 Building a two-layered design of sandy gravel as well as roof garden soil was developed. The roof vegetation should result in a continuous surface, between a sparsely grown gravel surface up to densely grown floodplain meadow.

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Stephan Brenneisen
Fachstelle Dachbegrünung Hochschule Wädenswil, Schweiz